IDS Announces Web Services API for its Dealership Software Powered by Kourier Integrator

IDS, a leading RV, Marine and Trailer dealership software provider, is pleased to announce its partnership with Kore Technologies and the addition of their Kourier Integrator REST Gateway and associated capabilities to its Astra G2 platform, which makes dealership data more accessible through RESTful web services application programming interface (API).

With the real-time API, dealers can easily access and distribute their inventory, customer and sales information to other software products and components, at any given time, without requiring support from the IDS team. This eliminates the need for custom-made integrations and long delivery cycles.

"We are pleased to be working with IDS to incorporate Kourier Integrator's advanced REST web service capabilities," said Mark Dobransky, co-founder and managing partner at Kore Technologies. "With Kourier REST, you can securely share your data assets, in real-time, to enable any modern application to be integrated with your AstraG2 platform and business logic."

Aside from making dealership data more accessible, the IDS API allows dealers to upload up-to-date inventory information, including images, to their website or mobile application. They can also distribute their sales information to non-IDS finance applications thereby reducing double entry and costly mistakes.

"The API allows dealers to take full ownership of their dealership data," said IDS General Manager Sean Raynor. "Before the API, it was difficult to access the information, which was frustrating to our customers and their other business partners. Now our dealers can focus less on gathering all this data and more on using it to streamline processes and grow their business. That's what IDS is for, after all."

IDS will continue to modify the API as time goes on to deliver more features and compatibility options. Dealers who wish to add the API to their existing software package should reach out to their account managers, while those curious about IDS Astra G2 in general can learn more at .

Kore Technologies

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