Rocket® SB/XA 6.5 Now Available

Rocket Software is happy to announce the release of RocketĀ® SystemBuilder Extensible Architecture (SB/XA), Version 6.5. This eagerly anticipated release will enable you, and your customers, to modernise your applications by extending your business logic to web and mobile and supporting modern frameworks.

First, Rocket has made enhancements to SB/XA for use with your current deployments. Version 6.5 includes the ability to:

  • Accommodate the use of multiple versions of SB/XA with multiple Communications Servers installations, or upgrade an existing Communications Server;
  • Increase flexibility with a new navigation method: EBO. With EBO, the Rich Client uses a Microsoft Outlook-style interface without MainWin while the GUI client uses SBExplorer with MainWin;
  • Save keystrokes with AutoComplete. Use one of the three built-in styles or create your own. (To use AutoComplete, you must have intuitive help defined);
  • Keep track of crash-specific events with automatic log collection;
  • Avoid unnecessary resource consumption by tracking the activity of server processes attached to the client with the new Communications Server Monitor.

If you're ready to leverage your existing investment in SB/XA to drive new types of applications, including web and mobile, you can take advantage of the new SB/XA Services by adding the Connection Manager.

With Connection Manager, you can extend your SB/XA applications to new devices, languages, and frameworks, because SB/XA Services enables you to use RESTful services to call any non-interactive process with an HTTP interface
With RocketĀ® SystemBuilder Extensible Architecture, Version 6.5, and the new Connection Manager, you can take your applications to the web or mobile without rewriting your business logic.

Rocket Software

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