Tech Tip: Microsoft Windows 10 Update issue for UniData and UniVerse

Please note that the Windows 10 'Creators Update' isn't compatible with current UniVerse and UniData releases.

With the introduction of the April 2017 updates from Microsoft for Windows 10, included was a new restriction on how child processes can be forked from telnet\ssl\ssh sessions (NOTE: the restriction was also included in the Creators package) .

Example of how you would encounter the problem: … telnet to UDT running on Windows 10, issue the LISTF command and you see either a Windows error 9, 22, or just returned to the ECL prompt.

Rocket currently has a fix in the making for this new restriction for:

• UniData v8.1.2
• UniVerse v11.2.5
• UniVerse v11.3.1

Rocket Software

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