Rocket Releases WEB DE 5.3.0

To leverage your existing investment in Web DE, Rocket has created an Enhanced Scheduler to drive new types of applications. With Enhanced Scheduler, you can extend your applications to new devices, languages, and frameworks, because it enables you to use RESTful services to call any non-interactive process with an HTTP interface.

With the new version of Web DE you can:

  • Go mobile. Expose your existing RBOs as RESTful RBOs to build mobile solutions.
  • Easily deploy. Create a deployment package to move RESTful services between systems.
  • Stay in the know. Enhanced monitoring and logging capabilities help you keep on top of your system.
  • Track problems. Advanced troubleshooting allows you to identify issues and quickly drill into the associated processes to identify what went wrong.
  • Stay current. Updates to Eclipse Luna, Jetty 9, SSl, SSH and PCI-DSS 3.1 compliance means you're fully covered and secure.
  • Manage your system. A new a web-based user interface gives you more flexibility when updating your configuration, monitoring, and security preferences or building your own using the Admin Web API.
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