Entrinsik Announces New Software Release of its Business Intelligence and Data Discovery Platform

Entrinsik Inc. recently announced the General Availability release of the next generation of Informer, its BI and data analytics platform. Informer 5, which introduces a new, modern interface and expanded functionality, was released on August 31, 2017.

With this release, Informer continues to earn its place as one of the most highly rated business intelligence platforms on the market. Informer 5 has been reimagined from the ground up to leverage an extensible modern architecture and enhanced performance to simplify data discovery and analytics without sacrificing functionality.

With Informer 5, organizations can quickly connect to their traditional or uncommon databases, spreadsheets, and unstructured data streams all without time-consuming warehousing or cubing. Users can access, blend, and cleanse data in a few easy steps, then utilize data discovery to explore, analyze, and visualize relevant information. Informer enables end users to confidently manipulate and interact with data, collaborate with colleagues, or even create a personalized home page. Featuring a crisp and clean, bold and graphic interface, Informer 5's new UI provides an easy to follow hierarchy and an immersive user experience that drastically cuts down on the learning curve associated with other BI products.

"The development team here at Entrinsik is very excited to release Informer 5," said Brad Leupen, CTO at Entrinsik. "We have worked hard for several years to bring a product to market that will make it even easier for our customers to put their data to work."


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