OpenInsight 9.4 "Roll Up" Patch v4 released

Revelation Software announces the availability of a new "Roll Up" patch, OpenInsight 9.4 "Roll Up" Patch v4. This includes all the patches and fixes from the previous "Roll Up" patches, as well as:

  • A new OINSIGHT.EXE to fix memory issues with out-of-process versus in-process OLE controls;
  • Enhanced R/List processing to fix a longstanding issue in "between" processing (in both OpenInsight and AREV32);
  • Fixed LIST_VOLUME_SUB to support volume MFS;
  • Improved performance when using base 64 encoding/decoding;
  • Improved stability when determining Windows drive/server mapping;
  • Updated LIST_USER_LOCKS and related functions (RTI_GET_LH_INFO, RTI_GET_LH_RATIO, etc.);
  • Improved DSBFS stability

After installing this patch, your system will report that it is running version 9.4.3.

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