MacWise Version 16.2.5 Released

It is compatible with Mac OS High Sierra. And the latest version of Kermit (9.0.304) is now included with MacWise.


Some host servers absorb the first escape character sent from MacWise when using Kermit.

VT100 and VT220 emulations use escape characters in the function key commands.

To get around this problem, MacWise now includes special function key sets for VT100 and VT220.

If your function keys do not work, select Function Key Sets from the Emulate Menu in MacWise to choose your fkey set.

This can also be a problem for arrow keys that use escape. You can edit arrow keys and add an extra escape which is {ES

Select Arrow Keys... from the Emulate Menu to edit each arrow key.

This does not affect other emulations such as Viewpoint and Wyse because they do not use escape characters for fkeys and arrow keys.

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