Meet Your Speakers-International Spectrum Conference 2018

Take a moment to meet your speakers for the 2018 International Spectrum Conference, April 23rd-26th in Destin, Florida. Experts in MultiValue Databases will teach you how to enhance, administer, and maintain your Business Investment.

Don't miss the opportunity to discuss the present and future of your business systems, and find out where MultiValue Applications and technologies are heading.

Speakers and Experts

Nathan Rector
International Spectrum
Nehemiah Spence III
Clifton Oliver
Modern MultiValue
Richard Thiot
Maverick Systems
Susan Joslyn
Kevin King
Precision Solutions
Brian McMahon
Pick Programmers Shop
Charles Barouch

Database Sponsors

Rocket Software
(D3, UniVerse, UniData)
Zumasys, Inc
Ladybridge Systems
ONgroup Intl


Ashwood Computer Company BlueFinity International Drexel Management Entrinsik
PICK Programmers Shop SJ+ Systems EXEControl Global Solutions
International Spectrum

Located in Thorton CO.

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