Kore Technologies Announcing Kourier Integrator Release 4.5

Kore Technologies, a leading provider of enterprise integration and eCommerce solutions, announced today that Release 4.5 of its award-winning Kourier Integrator Data Management Suite is now generally available. This release is optimized for "Cloud" environments such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. The update provides enhanced functionality and higher performance when doing integration and data warehousing with Microsoft SQL Server in the cloud.

Microsoft SQL Server 2017 is supported in this release in addition to other performance and product improvements to Kourier's ETL (extract, transform and load) and EAI (enterprise application integration) capabilities. Key enhancements include:

  • Increased ODBC Performance : Kourier's Net Change engine was redesigned to provide significant performance increases when loading Microsoft SQL Server databases from non-UniData/UniVerse data sources.
  • Kourier REST Enhancements : API developers have more control of serialized JSON output and enhanced support for JSON with inbound REST APIs. The Swagger API documentation includes additional information and is more interactive and easier to use for API consumers.

Everything in Release 4.5 supports Kourier's continuing mission of being the most complete and easiest to use ETL and EAI solution for MultiValue and Microsoft SQL Server-based systems.

Kore Technologies

Located in San Diego CA.

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