Rocket invites young MV Developers help guide the future of MultiValue

Rocket Software hosted a MV GenNext live meetup during the first week of October at the Rocket R&D facility in Denver. The GenNext team includes young MultiValue developers from across the globe who assembled to discuss and collaborate on innovative MultiValue techniques and to talk with product management and engineers about what they wanted to see in the product roadmap.

A significant amount of time was dedicated to roadmap discussion. Each team member voted on categories they wanted to influence. Once the list was narrowed down the team dove in deeper to define the specifics of the requirements they believed were important in each category. The final categories selected were Cloud, Performance, DevOps (defined as a way to automate and monitor all steps of software development), and Development which includes features within the development platform, such as creating an ORM based on standards.

If you are interested in more information on this meet up, read about it here:

Rocket Software

Located in Waltham MA.

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