Ladybridge release 3.4-13 of QM

A few more enhancements requested by our users...

The COMPARE.FILES command compares the content of two files, optionally reporting differences.

The PROC.IF.NO.CASE setting of the OPTION command makes the IF test in a Proc case insensitive.

The QMBasic debugger can now expand non-printing characters when displaying string variables. This is controlled by the "^" command in the same way as its equivalent in the ED editor.

The default value of the SORTMEM configuration parameter has been increased to 4096 (4Mb) for improved performance. This change affects new QM installations only. The parameter may be modified on existing installations by editing the qmconfig file.

5. BUG FIXES IN THIS RELEASE =========================

The Proc "IF S10" reference to select list 10 was not processed correctly.

Use of a UNC pathname (\\server\dir\file) to reference part of a distributed file caused an error.

The GRANT.KEY and REVOKE.KEY commands could cause internal data corruption.

Using the QMBasic EXECUTE operation to do a GRANT.KEY or REVOKE.KEY command caused the following action to fail in unpredictable ways.

The QMBasic MERGELIST() function behaved incorrectly for some merge types when one of the lists was empty.

The QMBasic OSPATH() function with key OS$SET.LINK returned the incorrect value.

The QMBasic !CALLHTTP() class POST method could cause the process to hang.

CSV mode output from the query processor or any other use of sequential file output with an encoding that specified use of a byte order mark inserted the BOM on every line, not just the first.

The query processor did not handle some WHEN clauses correctly.

The I-type compiler did not handle multi-level links.

The terminfo definitions for adds4000 and adds4000-at should include xmc#1.

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