Revelation Software release OpenInsight 10.0.4

Changes to OpenInsight 10.0.4 affect "child" process launching in OpenInsight. They can be configured so that they do not consume additional license seats. In particular, CTO, AREV64, BRW, and O4W calls (using the engine server's built-in web server) made from a copy of OpenInsight will not count against the licensed count of users.

This will allow a single user copy of OpenInsight to run the IDE, a CTO session, and generate a BRW report at the same time. Note that this enhancement requires both OpenInsight 10.0.4, and the Universal Driver 5.2.

OpenInsight 10.0.4 will work with the Universal Driver 5.1, but it will not exhibit these license enhancements until it is "paired" with a UD 5.2.

To take advantage of this license enhancement for O4W and engine server tasks, users/developers must update their eserver.cfg file (either directly or through the Settings dialogs). In particular, any passwords that are currently explicitly embedded in the eserver.cfg can be replaced with an asterisk ("*"); this indicates that the specific connection should use the enhanced licensing.

This also has the additional advantage of no longer requiring manual updates to the eserver.cfg file when passwords are changed for the applications or users defined in the connection string. (As an additional enhancement, the username can also be replaced with "*" if you wish to use the 'default user' created for an application).

OpenInsight 10.0.4 also additional enhancements and bug fixes that can be found here:

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