Entrinsik release Informer 5.0.16

Entrinsik release Informer 5.0.16 with new features and improvements:

New Features:

  • Upgraded Highcharts which brings enhancements to Visuals across the board
  • Filters on Job Datasets with Date keywords
  • U2 'whengroup' now available in the UI
  • Data view Report can now be downloaded to Live Excel via an API key

Fixes and improvements can be found in all areas of the software:


  • Improvements on JDBC driver for enhanced performance
  • Proper access to restricted fields when User is member of different teams with varying levels of access
  • Proper error notification when incorrect JDBC link breaks Dataset
  • Full scan feature is not enabled for U2 Datasources
  • Fixed issue where the DB2 querying errors and cancelling could crash the instance
  • Fixed issue where default set icon was not displaying
  • Various small bug fixes


  • Export to Live Excel does not display Hidden Fields now
  • Fixed issue where "jump to first column' did not work with pinned column
  • Fixed issue where revert button in Field Setting Flow step does not work
  • Native SQL columns with aliases that have spaces can now be used in calculation flow step
  • Fixed issue where Dataset search route 'Datasource' query parameter did not work
  • When grouping on date field by day will now only display dates where values exist
  • Proper handling when merging multiple saved filters
  • Improvements on criteria selection including not allowing an invalid criteria to be saved
  • Capitalization retained on new flow steps
  • Fixed issue where Zip2Geo was introducing an empty location field when not using default
  • Proper handling of having a date field display a Date and Time
  • Ability to create 'Between' criteria with only one endpoint set
  • Changing a columns datatype is now reflected pre flow execution
  • Fixed issue where criteria input of Number Slider type was not responding to slide
  • Fixed issue with date keywords in post query filters
  • Fixed double scrollbar on menus
  • Proper handling of grouping on hidden columns including exporting to PDF
  • Manage fields and column header menu rename/change alias actions available for supported scenarios
  • Fixed issue where autosuggest distinct value input is not functioning
  • Separation of Remove and Rename actions in column header menu
  • PDF Export properly working when overall count aggregate is selected
  • Sorting columns honored when exporting to PDF
  • Row limit configuration handles empty situation
  • Query sample refresh now also clears cache
  • Proper handling of long entity names in quick nav searches


  • Query and Report tags are now transactional
  • Fixed issue where Pivot Visual was not updating on Dashboard top level filter
  • Saved filters now come over when creating a Dataset from an Ad-hoc query
  • Fixed issue where copying Ad-hoc queries didn't copy custom column names
  • Various small bugs fixes


  • Renaming a chart in Discover changes it on the Discover page and the Visuals Page
  • Improvements on trend charts including choosing how many values to split by
  • When in Edit mode, Download links is no longer shown
  • Fixed issue where KPI Big Number Visual could not be downloaded to SVG
  • Various fixes on legends, axis, group-by, and drilldowns


  • UI improvements
  • Scheduled ad-hoc Query maintains column order and does not include hidden fields
  • Burst email will default to setup in Administration tab if it is not filled out

Teams and User

  • Status shown on User Detail page is more readable
  • Fixed issue where impersonated user was sometimes not able to return to session
  • UI caching field list appropriately across logins
  • Owning team no longer shows up in the list of Teams in Share dialog
  • Clarified role desription for Team Admin
  • Fixed issue where changes to a User's Team role was not reflected in the side panel


  • Fixed issue where list sidenav was not updating after list refresh events
  • Wrapping of Saved Function descriptions for readability
  • License info added for query token and appropriate eligibility check
  • Fixed issue where sessions not logging remote IP address correctly when proxied
  • License warning bar now goes away when license is renewed
  • Fixed issue with Copy Embedded Link
  • Added a new `elastic.search` extension event

Informer 4 Package Import/Export

  • Proper handling of importing field(s) with references to a deleted function
  • Proper handling of package import when using load balancer
  • Test Connection button now hidden on import dialog when merging
  • Fixed issue where importing I5 schemas with folders could cause import to fail
  • Proper handling of migrating Reports with multiple input selection criteria

Located in RALEIGH NC.

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