Revelation Software release OpenInsight 10.0.5

Revelation Software release OpenInsight 10.0.5. The following are some the enhancements provided:

Presentation Server

  • COMBOBOX object
  • LISTBOX object
  • TREELISTBOX object


  • Added trigger control as an index to the SAVEWARN property
  • Identify the triggering control when processing the SAVEWARNINFO SYSMSG event.
  • Added SAVEWARN method to SetDebugger call
  • Added PSEF_OVERRIDE_FORCE flag to reflected events that aren't forced by the PS
  • Optimized GOTFOCUSVALUE and PREVCELLPOS processing for data validation.
  • Added MOVE, OFFSET methods.

System Monitor

  • Updated Eval command to use REV_COMPILER_MAIN
  • Added "LE" method for listing Repository entities


  • Increased depth of comment box
  • Trim/Sort functions EditTable before saving, updated TrimOptions

IDE General

  • Added Event Configuration dialog
  • Added external IDE broadcast message handler
  • Updated progress dialog for rebuilding System Indexes
  • Added RELOADMRU method to the IDE config proc.
  • Added images to menu items


  • Implemented BYTE SAFEARRAY processing for OleGetProperty


  • Added new routine RTI_CREATE_USER_DETAILS to expose all values needed for user creation/modification in new authentication system
  • When updating OpenInsight license (via Settings/Application Settings in IDE), allow for entry of auth code with new serial number (after confirmation) to change system serial number

Indexing/Select Processing

  • Speed improvements across all indexing routines
  • Integrate OI indexing updates with AREV64 routines
  • Better notification and updates to IDE, including reduced frequency of yields
  • Additional support for non-zero cursors


  • Updated OIPI.Net for better high-dpi support
  • Improved OIPI and OIPI.Net performance on repeated GET_PRINTER("INFO") calls
Revelation Software

Located in WESTWOOD NJ.

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