Rocket Software Boosts Performance for Businesses with High Transaction Volumes

Rocket Software introduced a new set of enhanced capabilities for RocketĀ® UniVerse. This solution will help financial institutions and other industries better manage today's large and ever-increasing transaction volumes. High performance is crucial today in every industry, and these tools deliver an improved user experience for customers while also enhancing employee productivity?both of which contribute to optimized revenue.

Rocket is committed to modernizing its MultiValue offerings to broaden their usefulness to as many users as possible. Building on last year's introduction of modern language interfaces, the new release gives users the ability to program in Python to AIX and also extends Python library support to 3.7 libraries.

Phil Higgins, Chief Risk Officer at Ultradata, said, "We were excited to be selected as the first company to beta test the accelerated performance of Rocket UniVerse. The results were terrific. Our customers are reporting their high-volume ATM transactions are up to 10% faster and data-entry processing is up to 60% faster."

Rocket UniVerse has always delivered an efficient and cost-effective database and development platform, but this latest iteration is specifically designed to handle the large transaction-based workloads that exist across many companies today. This new release delivers increased throughput capability which means critical applications can handle challenges such as extra loads during peak hours and seasonal spikes, while still supporting everything from online orders to mobile banking transactions. The result is improved customer satisfaction, as well as greater efficiency for employees using critical internal business applications.

"Helping large-transaction-driven companies stay ahead of the technology curve has always been a priority," said Chris Rizza, Product Manager at Rocket Software. "The sheer volume of transactions is growing at an unprecedented rate, and all transactions need to be processed quickly and efficiently. Our latest release of Rocket UniVerse helps companies not only manage their customer interactions more effectively, but also makes internal processes simpler and more efficient for their employees."

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