Ashwood Computer, Inc. Announces the new "Enterprise Edition Of ForeMost ERP" is now available!

ForeMost ERP version IV Enterprise Edition - includes many new functions.

  • Improved Reports and Reporting Functionality
  • NEW Dashboard Displays
  • Web Reports
  • Production Data Displays of Key Performance Indicators
  • New Improved Quality Modules
  • Improved Performance, Faster System Responses
  • New Improved Documentation
  • Support For All MultiValue Databases
  • Low Code App. Dev. Tools, .NET, eCommerce and The Web
  • New API interfaces with Shipping, sales tax solutions, Power BI
  • Additional Python interfaces and a ForeMost Container

As per Rod Owens, President of Ashwood Computer; "Our A-Team members have worked hard on the development and testing of all of these new features and we are very excited to be able to offer this new ForeMost functionality to our customers and prospective new ForeMost ERP solution users. This is another great example of a WIN/WIN solution for businesses utilizing ForeMost and for MultiValue database users around the globe because with ForeMost we enable them to continue to reap returns on their original investment in a MultiValue system!"

Ashwood Computer Company


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