Zumasys release AccuTerm 8

The wait is finally over! AccuTerm 8 is here.

AccuTerm 8 brings new security, a fresh user interface, and the ability to run AccuTerm securely through your web browser.

AccuTerm8 features dozens of new features that give you access to your PICK system when and where you need it. Our new subscription model bundles Desktop, Web, and Mobile editions; plus, you'll receive all future updates automatically so you stay up to date with the greatest features.

  • New User Interface -- Tear-off tabs, drag and drop windows and new Visual Studio Code color schemes.
  • Enhanced Security -- OpenSSL, brand new encryption libraries and the latest cryptography.
  • Access from Any Device -- Run your PICK application over the Web or in the Cloud with our new fully-responsive HTML5 browser interface.
  • Plus new 2:1 licensing allows you to run AccuTerm Desktop on two machines, like office and home; a new centralized administration provides control over user access; and enhanced session resilience (ReZume) restores dropped sessions running over the Internet, Cloud, etc.

The best terminal emulator for PICK just took a major leap forward but this is just the beginning. The new subscription model means that you can continue to obtain AccuTerm for a very low upfront price and receive continual updates and upgrades. Costs and budgets are controlled with a subscription and you know what you are paying every year. AccuTerm Web with subscription puts you on a path to the Cloud and Software as a Service which is the future.

Already an AccuTerm user looking to upgrade? Contact us today about some special upgrade discounts which are available until 12/31/19.

Zumasys, Inc

Located in San Clemente CA.

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