Kourier Integrator Release 4.7 Now Available

Kore Technologies is pleased to announce Kourier Integrator Release 4.7.

The primary focus for this release is increased performance. Kourier is now up to twice as fast when extracting data from UniData/UniVerse files. This release also improves the overall performance, execution and transparency of Kourier generated SSIS packages with the new Package Execution Manager and SSIS Package Queue dashboard.

These and other improvements support Kourier's continuing mission of being the fastest and most complete ETL and EAI solution for MultiValue and Microsoft SQL Server-based systems.

Key Enhancements

Data Export Performance : Kourier's export engine has been optimized to extract delimited data from UniData/UniVerse files up to twice as fast as previous versions. The actual performance increase will vary depending on the installed versions of the database and operating system?.

Package Execution Manager : Provides a stable and fault tolerant environment in which to run SSIS Packages. Ensures that all packages are run in a timely manner while minimizing overloading of system resources within the available constraints of the server?.

SSIS Package Queue : Dashboard to view the operational status of packages by server and account. A drill-down into each status category displays individual package performance metrics and the ability to view the SSIS package output results to diagnose package run-time errors?.

Kore Technologies

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