International Spectrum sponsoring a MultiValue End-User Day

International Spectrum is sponsoring an End-User Day on Tuesday, April 21st, at the International Spectrum 2020 Conference. This day will include the following:

  • Breakfast with the Sponsors - Find out what your favorite MultiValue Products Developers are doing and see all the new product being released.
  • Sponsor Breakouts - Spend the morning talking with Sponsors and Speaker to help your systems Change, Adapt, and Evlove.
  • Lunch during Partner Exchange - Get more in-depth product demos, and talk with VARs and Consultants to find out what more your systems can do for you.

Join us for the whole week, and explore your MultiValue application. Learn what you need to know to become a true MultiValue Administrator and Power User, and explore all the new features available to your company.

International Spectrum

Located in Thorton CO.

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