BlueFinity Launches mv.NET Version 3.5

BlueFinity International , a member of the Mpower1 Group of companies, is pleased to announce the general availability of the latest version of its extensive toolset designed for creating Microsoft .NET-based applications requiring access to MultiValue databases: mv.NET Version 3.5.

The main thrust of the new version 3.5 release of mv.NET is an extensive re-work of the core session management components in order to build upon the already sound basis of mv.NET in the areas of system reliability, performance, resource utilization, scalability and overall robustness.
"We think that users will appreciate the effort which has gone into the enhancements to the session management component, as this is a unique and important aspect of the product", explains David Cooper, Lead Developer at BlueFinity International.  "We are starting to see some very large installations going live and the extra features within the session manager will allow them greater flexibility in managing large user communities."

As well as setting the foundation for advanced session management as the product moves forward, mv.NET Version 3.5 marks the start of a significant investment by Bluefinity into Web application development tools for MultiValue developers wishing to use Visual Studio as their application development environment.  It also sets the foundation for the adoption of the new Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) and Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) technologies introduced in .NET framework 3.0.

With Version 3.5 also comes full support for AJAX within the Web Binding Objects component - a feature which has been eagerly awaited by the market.  This innovation gives MultiValue developers access to a wide range of Web development techniques for improving the look, feel and operation of Web-based applications. "AJAX gives developers a framework for significantly enhancing the usability and interactivity of Web applications," Cooper says.

Although AJAX is not a brand new technological initiative, with the release of Microsoft's ASP.NET AJAX framework 1.0, many view it as coming of age.  "mv.NET provides users of Visual Studio with tremendous time and complexity savings when creating AJAX-oriented web applications that access backend MultiValue databases."

A series of other refinements and additional functionality are included within the release.  Visit for a free thirty day evaluation.