WXDETACHE, new development component for Winnix

Initial Need: be able, from the same application, to open more than one windows at a time in Winnix , and switch from one to another.

Our solution: till now with Winnix and many competitors, you had to open many sessions and possibly use more than one access to the database. The solution is now there and it's part of Winnix development components.

WXDETACHE makes a clone from the active window. By adding, with this component, a button "detach" in your application, the main window is duplicated and available all the time.  It's frozen and not linked anymore to the server but it offers a way to view data in an independent manner (schedule viewing, stock...).

WXDETACHE is now available for all the users of Winnix development components, with a valid support contract. Development components are basic routines and scripts developed to help development work in Winnix. They are available under license, by developer, from Easy Soft . Contact us to know more about it.