jBase User Conference Recap

"We are Committed to the MultiValue Market"

This is the message, delivered and received, in Miami during the 5th jBASE User Conference. Pete Loveless, jBASE International CEO and Mpower1 Partner in his welcoming keynote, thanked everyone for their participation without which jBASE's future would not look so bright and secure. The partnership between jBASE International and Temenos (owner/developer of the jBASE database) is stronger than ever and "strengthening year on year". Temenos' revenues have grown from $25million to almost $300 million since 1999.  jBASE's revenues have grown 11% fueled by jBASE licenses and support as well as the suite of add-on products (MV.net , jRCS, RSDC, DREM, OSMOSIS). The current release of jBASE, 4.1.5 (which will be supported at least through 2012) and the already-in-the-field release 5 (which will be supported at least through 2012), in conjunction with these add-ons comprise the go-forward strategy for jBASE International.

Temenos and jBASE have been working very closely and feverishly to get release 4.1.5 stable and distributable to the entire jBASE community. Both organizations have numerous sites running this release in production. Loveless stated that they realize that the move to this release is more than just an upgrade and they appreciate the user base "sticking with us". This release is the flagship product, is the foundation for all future releases, and will be supported thru 2012. The 3.4 release had scalability and maintainability issues. Future upgrades will be far less painful than the migration from 3.4 to 4.1.5. jBASE has a project plan to help users with this move.

Temenos is already shipping release 5 with jBASE to follow in about one year. jBASE's strategy is to stay 1 year behind Temenos in jBASE releases. Loveless is waiting for release 5 to settle down in the Temenos user base before releasing it to the rest of the jBASE community.

As further evidence of the commitment between Temenos and jBASE to their, and the users, futures, Clive Ketteridge - Temenos Database Strategy Director and Co-Founder of jBASE and Martin Bailey - Product Development Manager for jBASE, where present at the conference and available for discussions throughout.

Bailey spoke about the development process, how it works within Temenos, how jBASE International participates and how releases are tested and released to the field. He also discussed features of release 5: true 64 bit, recovery modeled after Oracle, resilient file support (no resize no corruption), transaction journal checkpointing (for warmstarting and on-line backups), and startup check. This new release series is being called jBASE  Dataguard.

Users from all over the world attended the conference. The people I spoke to are encouraged by the stated commitment from jBASE International and Temenos.