ONgroup and Easy Soft France announce ONware support for Winnix

Winnix Integrator is a thin client that brings advanced emulation functions to allow Windows-type graphical interfaces and traditional applications to operate together. The Winnix bi-directional data transfer features easily allow quick definition of parameters for MultiValue database extraction and loading into the workstation.

ONware ™ provides a MultiValue development and run-time environment for Oracle, DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, and other relational database management systems. ONware allows applications written for the common MultiValue platforms such as UniVerse , UniData , D3 , Power95, Reality , and more, to run natively in standard SQL compliant format on mainstream RDBMS.

Easy Soft France is a provider of ERP systems along with a catalog of additional solutions including:

  • Automation of the Restaurant industry with mobile hand-held terminals (PDAs) running on Pocket Winnix in Wi-Fi mode and connected in real time to the database,
  • Calculation of  Royalties in the Music industry,
  • Automation in the Hotel and Casino industries,
  • Automation in the Telephone industry,
  • Automation of Town Hall Budgeting,
  • Visitor taxation,
  • Graphics software design including order processing, and more.

With support for Winnix , ONware ™ give Easy Soft the choice to provide their solutions to their clients on a database that is the best solution for their client, be it a MultiValue platform, Oracle, DB2 or Microsoft SQL Server.