BlueFinity User Conference 2007 Recap

BlueFinity had its first User Conference in Miami on May 25. About 60 people from all over the world attended mv.NET technical presentations from David Cooper and Steve Sartain. Drew Conboy, an mv.NET reseller, also presented a customer case study.

Cooper explained that the goal of mv.NET is to "make it easier and quicker for developers to create MultiValue-linked .NET applications". This is done by providing several ways to get to your MultiValue data, reducing coding while maintaining an efficient data access layer. Coopers also stated that connects to practically all flavors of the multivalue database, and are working on the others.

There were various demonstrations during the day illustrating different ways of connecting to your MultiValue data. Connectivity can be accomplished using mv.NET Core Objects (multivalue centric class library),  Adapter Objects (an ADO.NET data provider) and Binding Objects (multivalue-aware, dictionary driven data binding).

Other demonstrations showed developers how to work with Microsoft Visual Studio to create rich-client, browser based and web service applications.

BlueFinity has also introduced a new product, Reporting Services Data Connector (RSDC), which is uses the current release of mv.NET. RSDC provides multivalue access to Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services.

BlueFinity is committed to providing the MultiValue community with .NET integration. Their developers are closely watching the .NET future directions to bring those technologies to multivalue developers. As Microsoft expands its alphabet soup collection (WCF, WPF, XAML, XBAP, Silverlight, LINQ), look for BlueFinity to adopt these technologies.