1mage announce Ajax support to their Content Management Systems

V1A is a Web 2.0 software solution written in AJAX that provides access to the 1MAGE content management server through the use of today's standard browsers.  You can now retrieve any content from anywhere via a browser.

V1A works on Internet Explorer, FireFox, and Safari. This makes V1A the most portable browser application for all your needs. Also, there is no need to load software on a "local" desktop because everything is managed through your browser.

More than just a viewer, with V1A you can:

  • Convert scanned images to PDF on-the-fly
  • Combine multiple documents into one PDF
  • Route documents on an ad hoc basis
  • Change the language of the user environment

You can even index and save your local files with V1A.  No matter where you are, you can index local files and documents right from your PC directory and send them via your browser to your enterprise 1MAGE document repository.