Tech Tip!

When it comes to shutting down UNIX systems gracefully but without warning, it is nice to know which of the logged-in users have been inactive and for how long. All flavors of UNIX come with the 'who' command, most of which can tell you how long someone has been idle or inactive. The -u option typically reveals the inactivity timer, and the -H option displays an appropriate header for the display, as demonstrated below.

AIX (Activity is a misnomer - it is the idle or Inactivity time)

>who -uH
Name        Line          & nbsp; Time     Activity       PID  Hostname
root        pts/2       Jul 28 20:10    18:10     20202  (:0.0)
userx       pts/3       Aug 01 05:12     0:05      3544  (


# who -uH
NAME       LINE         TIME          IDLE    PID  COMMENTS
userx      pts/17       Aug  1 06:31  0:04   8844       (
usery      pts/28       Aug  1 06:31  2:02   8847       (

RedHat Linux

#who -uH
NAME     LINE         TIME         IDLE          PID COMMENT
userx    pts/0        Aug  1 11:12 0:02        23493 (

Tech Tip found on Ashwood Computers website.