Sierra Bravo Dashboard Empowers Pick Programmers to Make Business-Data Driven Charts and Graphs in Real Time

With Bravo Dashboard, Pick programmers can ask clients running MultiValue-powered businesses to realistically consider what their "dream screen" would look like. Bravo Dashboard enables Pick programmers to install a dashboard of widgets - dynamically creating an always-current picture of their most important business metrics.

"Sierra Bravo has a large staff of business-savvy Pick programmers and web nerds that love to build cool stuff," said Luke Bucklin, President of Sierra Bravo , based in Bloomington, Minn. "With Bravo Dashboard , we've created yet another solution to extend the vitality of MultiValue systems - and preserve our clients' existing investment in technology."

Bravo Dashboard is the first and only dashboard software solution to be offered free of charge, and unlike its pricey competitors, Bravo Dashboard can be shared by multiple users rather than being tied to a single paid licensee.

While it takes a programmer with Pick experience to build widgets with Bravo Dashboard , these widgets are built using tools they already know how to use. This allows programmers serving Multi-Value-powered companies to create useful widgets in a cost-effective manner. Each dashboard widget is created in real-time so information displayed is always current.

MultiValue-powered companies with no Pick programmer on staff can hire Sierra Bravo to install the free Bravo Dashboard software and begin writing programs to create attractive, data-driven portals.