OpenInsight for Web is Now Available for Download

OI4Web is a tool that allows developers to access their OpenInsight data through a web browser. While most often used with Active Server Pages (ASP), OI4Web provides an "object" that can be used in any development environment that allows for the creation and invocation of ActiveX objects.

With OI4Web , you can call an OpenInsight stored procedure and process the returned data; your ASP page can then display or utilize this data as appropriate.

The OI4Web object communicates with OpenInsight via Revelation's EngineServer technology. OI4Web communicates with the EngineServer using an 'asynchronous' connection; multiple client requests may be processed with a single, or a few, OpenInsight licenses. Also, through the use of the EngineServer's open communication standard, it is possible to deploy the web server and OpenInsight systems on different servers.

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