Universal Driver Heavy 4.5 Released

Revelation Software has released the Universal Driver Heavy 4.5. The UDH 4.5 is a replacement to the UDH 3.1 and is available for Windows platforms only.

New to the Universal Driver Heavy 4.5 are the following features:

  • Improved performance - The UDH 4.5 replays journalled data much faster than the previous version, and performance (in both journal and mirror modes) is improved through the use of the updated ACE communication libraries.
  • Improved reliability - Ported to the latest Visual Studio and ACE libraries, UDH 4.5 is more robust and should encounter fewer errors.
  • Improved User Interface - The UDH Manager now presents more information, more choices, and more flexibility. Users can also invoke the functionality of the UDH Manager from a command-line interface, and can manage/monitor the system from other workstations with the Email Monitor.
Revelation Software

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