FlashCONNECT 3.8 Released

TigerLogic is pleased to announce the general availability of FlashCONNECT 3.8. FlashCONNECT middleware connectivity tool allows you to take your existing Pick D3 and mvBase applications to the Web.

FlashCONNECT 3.8 Key New Features and Enhancements

  • Runs as a 32-bit application on 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Vista operating systems.
  • FCApplet interface provides a conduit between the database and JavaScript running in the browser. A Web page can now be displayed in its entirety once, and then fields on that page can be updated in response to user input without the Web server having to send the entire page again. Three examples to illustrate this function are included in the w3library directory: applet1.html, applet2.html, and sqldemo.html.
  • Starting and stopping the FlashCONNECT Service, and performance monitoring have been improved.
  • Enhanced product reliability to remove potential process and installation failures.
  • Foreign character set support has been enhanced.

Overall, FlashCONNECT 3.8 brings enhancements to the performance and functionality of the product and combines a collection of patches and product fixes reported to our technical support department. Further details can be found on the Documentation pages of our Web site.

FlashCONNECT 3.8 supports applications running on AIX, Linux and Windows-based Web servers and is compatible with the following D3 and mvBase releases (be sure to verify compatibility with your O/S prior to installing FlashCONNECT 3.8):

  • D3 NT version 7.4 with Service Pack 3 or later
  • D3 UNIX version 7.3 with ABS Patch 7.3.A106 or later
  • D3 UNIX version 7.4 with ABS Patch 7.4.A137 or later
  • mvBase 2.0 with Patch Set 3 or later on Windows 
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