InterSystems Introduces DeepSee

Responding to the growing demand for business intelligence (BI) capabilities that enable real-time decision-making for operational business processes, InterSystems Corporation today announced InterSystems DeepSee ™ embedded real-time BI software. DeepSee aims to significantly broaden the use of BI to decision makers at all organization levels driving more effective day-to-day execution across the enterprise, going well beyond BI's traditional niche of experts using analytic capabilities to shape strategies.

DeepSee is the newest offering in the InterSystems product line. The innovative software family also includes the InterSystems CACHÉ® high-performance object database, InterSystems HealthShare™ platform for regional and national electronic health records, and InterSystems Ensemble ® rapid integration platform.

Making BI Fast, Easy, Cost-Effective

DeepSee is offered as a high-performance, cost-effective alternative to today's array of BI products. These traditional products are typified by massive data warehouses where information is stored offline based on data models built by expert business analysts who are, all too often, unfamiliar with core transactional business systems.  Adopting such standalone tools often means upfront consulting/implementation costs running to hundreds of thousands of dollars. With most of today's BI products, analytics are separated from the operational applications that run the business and the information obtained can be hours, days or even weeks old.  "As a result, BI has been among the most over-promised and under-delivered of all IT solutions for decades. The failures and shortfalls are legendary," according to Paul Grabscheid, InterSystems Vice President of Strategic Planning.

The focus of embedded real-time BI is delivery of business intelligence capabilities directly within transactional applications.  In this way, users can access current operational data in context and use BI to make immediate changes in workflows, adjust business rules, or take other actions to optimize organizational performance.

"There are some situations, such as long-range planning by staff analysts, where historical data can be satisfactory," Grabscheid noted. "However, running a business effectively in today's competitive landscape requires access to fresh operational data in daily decision-making processes."

With DeepSee , BI is:

  • Fast—Utilizing InterSystems ' breakthrough transactional bit map technology that provides excellent retrieval performance for complex queries plus top-tier update performance for high-volume transaction processing, information is accessible in real time
  • Easy—Application developers who use DeepSee prebuild graphs, charts, tables, reports and dashboards that are seamlessly embedded within the application system. Operational end users get the information they need to compete more effectively and to deliver the high level of customer service demanded in today's environment.
  • Cost-effective—Traditional BI requirements to build and maintain costly data warehouses are eliminated.

Real-time Information for Operational Success

DeepSee 's design provides professional application developers with the BI capabilities needed to extend and modernize existing applications as well as create new applications that are BI-enabled from the start. And, for large user organizations in healthcare, commercial and government sectors, DeepSee makes it possible to provide end users with the information they need to make timely, critical decisions on the business frontline.

Early adopters agree that DeepSee 's ability to provide easy access to real-time data is a major driver behind the decision to leverage the BI software in transactional systems. "We have plans to leverage DeepSee in our healthcare-focused BI initiatives and for serving our customers with real time operational intelligence and executive information systems," said Pradep Nair, VP, Life Sciences & Healthcare Practice, HCL Technologies, a leading global IT services company. "The ability to deliver up-to-the minute clinical and financial information resonates strongly in the healthcare sector and we highly value this breakthrough BI software."

"From our perspective, DeepSee 's ability to provide real-time access to live data will add value to healthcare applications," said Mike Snow, CTO at Sunquest Information Systems, Inc. An InterSystems application partner, Sunquest offers a comprehensive suite of healthcare information solutions that include laboratory and radiology systems. "Many of the end users in our customer base were able to get an early look at DeepSee at our recent user conference," Snow said. "We received very positive customer feedback and we are exploring the possibilities of leveraging DeepSee to deliver operational BI on a real-time basis."

"The hallmark of real-time BI applications is that they answer the question 'what should I do differently right now?' By embedding action-oriented information displays with drill down access directly into run-the-enterprise applications, DeepSee connects decision-makers with the information they need in real time," Grabscheid said.


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