OpenInsight 9.0 in Beta

OpenInsight Development Suite 9.0 is now in beta testing and will be available for for release in Q4 2008. The OpenInsight Application Manager will have a new look and feel with the inclusion of a new IDE. Also included is a new System Editor++ which has fast, accurate color coding, the ability to collapse code and show line numbers.

In addition the System Editor++ supports the opening and editing of OS files, and performs color coding on HTML and JavaScript tags. Syntax assistance tips for Basic+ keywords, functions, and subroutines is also provided. New to OpenInsight 9.0 is WebOI , a Web enablement and development toolkit. Existing OpenInsight Forms and Popups can be ported quickly and easily to the Web, and existing subroutines and functions can be integrated to apply business logic, allowing for maximum re-use and integration.

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