Web Demo of Cache' for MultiValue Developers

InterSystems is pleased to announce an addition to their Web site - an online demonstration of the MultiValue capabilities we’ve added to Cache`.

View the "Cache` For MultiValue Developers" online demonstration at

The demonstration shows how you can use MultiValue technology within Cache`, as well as some of the new development options open to you with Cache`. In particular, the demonstration showcases how you can seamlessly access data via MultiValue syntax, objects, and SQL. It also demonstrates using MultiValue Basic with Cache`’s capabilities for rapid development of Web applications.

Cache` is the multidimensional, post-relational database and rapid application development environment from InterSystems. It allows you to leverage your investment in your existing MultiValue applications, while extending them with object technology, Web services, advanced security, powerful SQL, browser-based system management, and more.

You can also try Cache` (enhanced with MultiValue capabilities) for yourself. Download a FREE evaluation version of the Cache` MultiValue Developers Release at www.InterSystems.com/mv