Northgate Pick Top Team for Reality

It's official, Mark Pick, son of the legendary Dick Pick (founder of the original multivalue Pick Operating System), has joined forces with Northgate Information Solutions as Vice President of Reality .

With over 20 years industry experience, Mark Pick, who has inherited his father's passion for the multivalue operating system, has rekindled the Pick/ Reality relationship, igniting sparks amongst industry insiders that Reality is the one to watch. And now with Northgate putting conserted efforts behind the product, and more and more businesses choosing to migrate to Reality , it seems Reality , which has always been a major payer in the multivalue community, is back on top.

"I've known about the Reality product for a number of years but until recently it's mainly been supporting large customers in the UK — that's all about to change," says Pick.

Northgate 's recent success with US retail giant Nebraska Furniture Mart goes a long way to support Pick's claims. Earlier this year Northgate successfully migrated nearly a billion data records to Reality which has proved a solid base for developing the company's sophisticated in—house suite of retail applications.

"The product is solid," says Pick. "It's mature and very reliable, probably one of the most reliable products out there."

Remaining true to the original Pick principles Reality is constantly evolving; its applications and tools continuously enhanced by Northgate 's skilled team of developers.

"My father was a visionary," says Pick, "he knew how to deal with real business problems and designed a system that was groundbreaking for its time. Reality is a product that stays true to these values."

Praised for its reliability and speed of application, and with Northgate 's strong emphasis on back end support, the value of the product for the end user really is second to none.

Mark Pick — whose company Highroad IT will also be forming a strategic alliance with Northgate , making the partnership an even more exciting prospect — is optimistic about the future; "I know the product inside out. This is the original product, the core product, and the support and commitment from the top down at Northgate makes this a very exciting time."



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