Data Management Associates Inc. to Offer MITS Solutions to their MACH Software Users

MITS ®, provider of Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) business intelligence and operational reporting solutions, and Data Management Associates Inc., creators of the multi-channel order management system MACH Software, today announced a new reseller agreement aimed at providing business intelligence capabilities and advanced reporting to their MACH Software clients.

For more than a decade, the MITS Discover OLAP Business Intelligence System has remained the business intelligence market leader for MultiValue platforms. The company's operational reporting solution, MITS Report, provides users an ad hoc reporting tool optimized for sorting, filtering and summarizing data. All MITS solutions capitalize on a user friendly web interface and are designed to help end-users and IT staff increase productivity and better understand their business.

Satisfying the Need for Improved Data Access

The MACH order management system is designed to provide users a fully integrated solution that meets and exceeds the expanding needs of Catalog, Web and POS operations. It is in this spirit that DMA is pleased to present MACH users with custom reporting and analytics solutions developed by MITS .

"With an enterprise system like MACH—where cross functional areas of a business are integrated at the data and application level—the data generated through the system can be extensive and detailed," explains George Farnell, DMA's Vice President of Business Development. "After assessing the MITS product line, its was plain to see that MITS Report and MITS Discover would make it easy for our clients to access and work with that data."

The MITS family of solutions provides an interactive reporting and analysis experience for business users needing rapid access to information. By utilizing a web-browser interface MITS Report and MITS Discover are able to put the power of reporting directly into the hands of business users. MITS solutions compliment DMA's commitment to increasing productivity and aiding growth, specifically in terms of man hours saved, by significantly minimizing or eliminating time spent by technical staff building, generating and modifying custom reports. In addition to decreased reporting turn around time, MITS removes the computational overhead required to access data from the transactional system and places critical data in an environment optimized for reporting and analysis.

"The dynamic environment of catalog and multi-channel sales is a perfect fit for MITS Discover and MITS Report," states MITS President, Fred Owen. "Furthermore, we feel that DMA is an ideal partner to bring MITS solutions to this market because of the technical expertise and industry knowledge they provide."

DMA's President, Randy Nettling adds, "By combining the interactive reporting capabilities of MITS Report and MITS Discover with MACH Software's extensive business applications, our clients can quickly generate the custom analytical reports they need to understand their business' success."

Utilizing MITS Discover to access data in the MACH system results in quick analysis of key business data and makes it easy for managers and decision makers to identify customer buying habits and promotional opportunities, and evaluate or compare the effectiveness of current marketing initiatives or campaigns over time. MITS Report provides management and front line staff a straightforward solution to create operational reports such as lists based on customer demographics or inventory information. MITS and DMA agree; armed with this information, MACH clients will have the power to effectively respond to the changing business environment.


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