Nebula Research and Development Announces NebulaXLite Updates

NebulaXLite allows you to use MV BASIC to generate attractive spreadsheets which can be opened with Microsoft Excel, Open Office, or Google Docs. The new v1.1.4 release includes many enhancements and support for new MulitValue platforms.

Platforms Supported:


  • Current release ported to jBase v4.1/Win32.
  • Added support for X.STYLE.FONT.OUTLINE and X.STYLE.FONT.SHADOW. These font styles are only supported on Mac systems, but there are two compelling reasons to add the new styles. First, the documents generated by NebulaXLite can be read by any system that supports SpreadsheetML, and that includes Mac. Second, the QM database is now supported over Mac, increasing the likelihood that there will be Mac clients viewing documents created with this product – and expecting features to which they're accustomed.
  • Added support for more border types: X.BORDER.DIAGONAL.LEFT and X.BORDER.DIAGONAL.RIGHT.
  • Added a number of new X.LINE.STYLEs for borders: X.DOT, X.DASHDOT, X.DASHDOTDOT, and X.SLANTDASHDOT. (Yes, these are official border types.)
  • Added support for colored border lines.
  • Border width previously allowed invalid values for X.WIDTH. Values are now limited to null and 0 to 3.
  • New sample program NEBULAXLITE .TEST.04 contains examples for using all border types. Code should be useful for developer projects. Program also contains examples of style manipulation. NEBULAXLITE .TEST.04A is a shorter version of that sample.
  • Major enhancements to code that formerly extracted styles from XML. This utility now generates a full BASIC program which can re-create the XML document. New sample program NEBULAXLITE .TEST.05 demonstrates conversion of a full XML workbook to BASIC code.
  • Added features to report progress to character screen and SB+ users.
  • Added an extensive index
  • Clarifications to potential areas of confusion
  • Updates for recent features
  • Updates to the Developer Guide
  • Added new appendix to Developer Guide showing colors in NRND.COLORS.INC.01.
Nebula Research and Development

Located in Mission Viejo CA.

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