American Red Ball Transit Co success upgrade to IBM pSeries UniData Server

Ashwood Computer, Inc. working with William Horton, Director of Information Technology for American Red Ball Transit Co., Inc. proposed they upgrade to a new IBM pSeries Unidata server and upgrade their Unidata database and associated systems software. As per Bill, "We were running an IBM P-Series 7025 server that was about 8 years old, along with AIX 5.2 and Unidata 5.4 and SB Plus 5.2. Ashwood recommended a replacement server that would yield 4 times the memory and disk and more than triple the processor power. We agreed to the upgrade and performed the transition and upgrade over a three week period in December. We have been VERY pleased with every aspect of the contract deployment, including hardware delivery, setup, testing, migration, upgrading products, maintenance transition, and most of all, the upgrades software products, AIX 6.1, Unidata 6.1 and SB 5.4.2. The upgrade was thoroughly tested by all departments and approved prior to go-live. Upon live migration, a number of people stated that they didn't realize anything had happened. That is the best remark that an IT director could expect to hear after a major system upgrade and migration.

Ashwood's personnel insured that every aspect of this migration was thoroughly completed and working according to our specifications also insuring that every point of connectivity and output had been tested and addressed. The effort was kept direct and minimal with the result being a satisfied company.

We would not hesitate to recommend Ashwood Computer for any upgrade, migration, platform change that you may have to do."

Ashwood Computer Company


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