Bi-Directional Serial Driving with Winnix

In order to enhance its service quality and realize savings, one of Easy Soft customer's asked them to create an application to help pack its consumers's orders, including a control based upon articles' weight. WINNIX interfaces the server's database and its local weight control device.

The aims was to:

  • to get rid of paper documents, the client's order is no longer printed and is directly available on a hardened Panel PC carried on a trolley or a pallet truck This Panel PC is connected to a scale through a serial port.
  • To limit main errors, as each article to be packed appears on the loaded screen. It is selected on the tactile screen. The user takes the article from its stock. A first identification control is done using a bar code reader. The operator then weights the article on the scale and the second-control is automatically done with the database in order to verify the weight it is supposed to reach. The weight control's aim is to prevent users from getting the wrong article or the wrong quantity packed.

At the packing start, the panel PC orders a scale reset. Informations is transfered to both the scale (reset) and from the scale (different status and weight results) in order to provide them to the database server.

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