Entrinsik Announces Beta Launch of Informer v4.0 Delivering Multi-database Operational Reporting

Entrinsik , Inc., well known in the MultiValue industry for database reporting software and services for IBM UniVerse ® and UniData ® databases, today announced the March 31st availability of Informer Web Reporting v4.0 beta release, providing organizations with unprecedented information access to multiple databases. Access to real-time data in diverse places has never been easier.

The new release of Informer offers native connectivity to multiple databases simultaneously, including but not limited to Oracle®, MS SQL® Server, MySQL®, DB2®, Informix®, Microsoft Access®, UniVerse and UniData . No need for a data warehouse or data mart. With only a few mouse clicks, organizations can now immediately connect multiple sources of data to provide users with a single point of access to customizable reports via Informer 's easy-to-navigate Web 2.0 user interface with drag and drop, auto complete, calculated columns and inplace editing functionality. Informer also extends reporting organization-wide by enabling integration with desktop functions including PDF, email, Excel, and Live Excel spreadsheets to instantly transport data from the database without the need to log onto the system.

"Informer is able to perform real-time extraction of our live data significantly faster than we were able to in the alternative solutions because it does not have to move individual records to a data warehouse or cube. Best of all, the data is always accurate and up-to-date because there is no batch process to wait for", says Jeff Jones, Institutional Research Coordinator, Fresno Pacific University. "The improved interface and functionality in Informer 's new release not only increases accessibility and retrieval speed to my data, but it adds the capacity for analysis and the ability to integrate with other database platforms".

"We've already completed two rounds of alpha testing on the new solution with great success", says Brad Leupen, CTO of Entrinsik . With this release, Informer not only opens up access to these different types of databases in isolation, but it will also let users connect them. "Let's say you had product information in a SQL database and the information about the orders and people who placed orders stored in a U2 database," notes Leupen. "With Informer , you could write a report that actually sucks in up-to-the-second data from both databases and then glues the results together to do reporting and analysis in real time at once."

Unlike other reporting technologies, Informer was designed specifically to extend real-time self-service reporting and analysis to front-line users who can initiate high-level queries and immediately delve into the underlying details, all without burdening IT staff. "The new release of Informer builds on our already successful solution by delivering isolated database connectivity to provide a very flexible connection to most industry-standard commercial databases. And Informer employs native query commands and Web server caching to accelerate data retrieval and provide flexible, rapid data manipulation capabilities", says Leupen.


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