LT Systems Integrates Document Management (EXPERT) with U2/AIX

LT Systems,LLC (LTS) of Denver,Colorado has developed a state of the art IBM AIX/U2-based document management system (EXPERT). LTS customers use the system to maintain a competitive edge in the title insurance industry with a comprehensive set of tools to generate, bundle, print, fax, email, scan and store documents. Generated bar codes are used to scan documents into the system.  Documents are machine re-sized, cropped, and checked for quality.

Employees, vendors and customers are able to access their documents through internet and intranet portals.  Document storage and bundling are controlled by typing the documents allowing for some document types to be stored uniquely each time while others are overwritten.

A significant feature is the ability of the Expert system to refer to supporting documents in the body of a document with links to them. Many of these documents are in remote databases which are accessed through a series of Python-based web interfaces.  Through these interfaces, the system has access to well over 25 million documents.  As customer title orders are received into the system they are machine-mapped to the appropriate supporting documents.

EXPERT has proven to be scalable and flexible by easily expanding during the housing heydays at the turn of the century to the formidable challenges of todays market when efficient processes are critical to enterprise success.  The LT Systems Expert document management system has been key to customers in the competitive title insurance business.