Selling in a Weak Economy

A recent article in CEO Online highlights the importance of maintaining a positive attitude in a weak economy and identifies 5 "musts" to turn a weak economy to your advantage. Whilst directed at Salespeople it is equally invaluable and applicable to all Business Managers and Leaders:

1. Maintain perspective - don't allow yourself to be sucked into all the negative hype. Products and services were still being sort during the Great Depression.

2. Maintain selling and marketing activities as most competitors will decrease theirs.

3. Focus on solving issues not price. Many companies will be focussing on price, not understanding Customers root issues and developing solutions.

4. Relationships are key. A weak economy doesn't mean customers stop buying from companies they trust and respect. Continue developing long term relationships rather than looking for the quick sale.

5. Take advantage. Your competitors may cut corners to save a few dollars. Make a conscious effort to target your competitors' best customers and take advantage of their complacency, fear and mistakes.

The full text of this article can be viewed here