International Spectrum 2009 Conference Recap

International Spectrum was well attended this year, and everyone left positive.  For those people that didn't follow the conference on the Blog or in Twitter, here are some of the highlights.

The conference was only down by 7% from last year. The other conference at the hotel that week was down by 50%.  When talking to other show organizers, if they weren't flat cancelling their conferences, the event industry across the board was down by an average of 30%.

The hot topics at the conference seemed to be Dashboards, Connectivity, and document imaging.  The Case Study of Green Screen to GUI was well attended, as long with the other GUI topics.

This year was an experiment in social media and communication.  There were several people twittering during the event. As well as the blog posting at

If you were not able to following the conference last week, please take a look at the blog, and take a look at the tweets on twitter about the conference.

Look for a complete recap in the May/Jun issue of International Spectrum Magazine.

International Spectrum

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