OpenInsight 9.0.1 Due to Be Released

The 9.0.1 release includes bug fixes as well as some new functionality. Some of the new components are:

  • The ability to send a fax from OpenInsight using the standard Windows Fax Server (included in XP, Vista, Server 2003 and Server 2008). The new function is RTI_SENDFAX
  • The ability to send an email using SSL. The new function is RTI_CDOMAIL
  • The ability to create macros for use with the CTO_CHILD_FORM and CTO_STANDALONE_FORM. Ten (10) macros can be defined for each User within an Application.
  • The creation of a task scheduler that can be called as an API or as a GUI. The RTI_TASK_SCHEDULER stores task specific information (including the details needed to connect to an Engine Server) for each application in SYSENV. It also creates and deletes Windows Task Scheduler entries based on the information stored in the task schedule record.
  • The ability to process system indexing utilizing the Engine Server. RTI_INDEXER_CONFIG is a front end to schedule indexing utilizing the RTI_TASK_SCHEDULER and the Engine Server.
  • The ability to create code templates in the System Editor++.
  • EDITTABLE focus cell enhancements that make it easier to navigate through an edit table either on a per form or application basis.
  • The ability to insert graphics and textual separators within OpenInsight menus.
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