F.W. Davison & Company Develops Packaged Reports to Streamline Informer Web Reporting Implementation

A member of the Informer Partner Network at Entrinsik, Inc., F.W. Davison & Company, developer of high performance software solutions for the PEO and HRO industry, will be holding their HRPyramid User Conference at the Hilton Boston Back Bay in Boston on April 29- 30, 2009.

The conference is designed to give the HRPyramid community an opportunity to expand their knowledge, business potential and vision for success. At the conference, FW Davison & Company will announce the development of a newly created pre-defined set of known quality reports soon to be available through Entrinsik's Informer Web Reporting solution. These reports, based on the standard HRP files, streamline the data schema and vastly speed implementation, providing near instant ROI.

"Informer has proven an invaluable asset to our HRPyramid offering by providing self-service reporting capabilities for our clients and their clients in turn," says Scott Hastings, CEO of FW Davison. "With the addition of the pre-packaged reports to be available in the next release, HRPyramid customers will benefit tremendously from a standard foundation of quality they can use immediately upon purchase. We are very excited about this new offering, and look forward to building on it in the future."

Informer is already a popular reporting solution for F.W. Davison's HR Pyramid customers. Entrinsik partners with a number of multivalue solution providers like F.W. Davison, to integrate Informer as a real-time, interactive, web-based reporting tool for their package offering. Informer is embedded within the HRPyramid Web Edition structure, and utilizes the sophisticated security settings within Web Edition to manage reporting access. Informer allows HRPyramid customers to deliver a secure, user intuitive web reporting solution to their clients.

"Our highly successful partnership with F.W. Davison demonstrates Informer's ability to be used as a privately-labeled OEM reporting tool to deliver significant added value," says Doug Leupen, President of Entrinsik. "And now with access to packaged reports, HRPyramid customers will soon be able to get up and running even faster to securely access critical information anytime, anywhere via the Web".



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