Revelation Software releases the Universal Driver Release 4.6

Revelation Software is proud to announce the release of the Universal Driver 4.6 targeted at organizations running multi-user Revelation-based applications on Windows-based Servers. "The UD 4.6 will be offered in two versions. The free bundled version supplied with OpenInsight 9.0 and above network user licenses (NUL) and the standard version to be used with OpenInsight 8.0.x and below as well as Advanced Revelation." states Robert Catalano, Director of Sales at Revelation Software.

The Universal Driver 4.6 is client/server software designed to operate on Microsoft Windows Network Operating System environments. UD 4.6 provides enhanced performance, reliability, and integrity for OpenInsight and Advanced Revelation applications using linear hash files.

"In UD 4.6 we have enhanced the support for large key sizes and large records." said Michael Ruane, President and CEO of Revelation Software. "There are certain situations where parts of the system would handle it correctly and other parts may have treated it as a bug, giving you false errors." The Universal Driver 4.6 will no longer support unlimited-length record keys. Record keys can now be a maximum of 512 characters long. Any keys that exceed this limit will now be illegal and applications will be unable to either read or write them. A critical issue that has been addressed is the "Fix GFEs" option on the Verify LH menu silently considers any records with keys greater than 50 characters long to be GFEs. Anyone running the "Fix GFEs" option will lose any records that have keys longer than 50 characters. As a result of this issue, Revelation is including with the Universal Driver 4.6 a RDK containing a FIX_LH routine. This updated routine removes the "50-character-throwaway" functionality and replaces it with the "512-character-save" functionality.

The Universal Driver 4.6 provides backward compatibility with all previous versions of Linear Hash files which is not available with the Universal Driver 3.0 Also included with the Universal Driver 4.6 is a console application (the LH Manager) that allows users to manage record locks without having to stop the Linear Hash Service, as well as view the active connections to users' applications.

The Universal Driver 4.6 replaces the Universal Driver 4.5. Upgrades from the UD 4.0 and UD 4.5 to the UD 4.6 are free although shipping charges apply.

In Universal Driver 4.6, NSIS replaces Install Shield as the installer which handles full installs and upgrades from a single executable.

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