Calgary Home Furniture Implements UniData Application (STORIS) in 30 Days

STORIS Management Systems , a leading supplier of software solutions and services for Big Ticket retailers of all sizes, proudly announces that Calgary Home Furniture, a dealer for Home Furniture and Home Hardware, and a subsidiary of Lansdowne Equity Ventures, Ltd. has gone live on the Vision R8 SaaS (Software as a Service) suite of products in just under 30 days.

Corey Davis, Operations Manager for Calgary Home Furniture was a key player in the software selection for Calgary Home Furniture. Davis states, "We required a strong system with robust inventory control features and found it with Vision R8 . The solution has excellent inventory logic and client control features." Don Sandford, CEO of Lansdowne Equity Ventures, Ltd. stated, "Additionally, we were able to recruit users who had familiarity with the STORIS system to accelerate our implementation schedule for our grand opening this fall."

Davis explained that customer service also played a big role in their decision to choose STORIS . "It is very important that we continue to improve our customer's experience. We feel strongly about helping our salespeople become more knowledgeable about their customers' needs and to be more accurate with the status of delivery. With STORIS ' Point of Sale product, we will know what is available, and can instantly establish realistic delivery dates for our customers."

Calgary Home Furniture was also impressed with Vision R8 's scalability, ease of processing, and functionality of the superior business intelligence tools including Personal Report Viewer (PRV), Executive Information Systems (EIS), and Executive Vision. Sandford concludes, "We are very excited to utilize the Executive Vision (Dashboard) product to gain a better handle on our inventory and product selling trends." Calgary Home Furniture will also benefit from Vision R8 's companion products Barcode Technology and B2B eCommerce utilizing Micro D's Exim technology. They plan to expand STORIS users to the Home Furniture family in the near future.


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