Ashwood Computer Appointed SpoolerPlus VAR by Sysmark Information Systems

Sysmark Information Systems, Inc. is pleased to announce that Ashwood Computer, Inc., specializing in Multivalue software conversions from legacy Pick databases to UniVerse and UniData, was appointed a Value Added Reseller for SpoolerPlus, the legacy Pick print spooler for UniVerse and UniData.

SpoolerPlus provides the architecture and functionality of the print spooler on legacy Pick databases to users of UniVerse, UniData and QM databases.  This enables users of software converted from legacy Pick databases to UniVerse, UniData and QM to continue to use the print queue architecture, spooler and the print spooler commands embedded in their legacy Pick software or from TCL when they run their software on UniVerse, UniData and QM without modifying their software, changing their business operating procedures or retraining their personnel.

Commands like SP-ASSIGN, STARTPTR, LISTPEQS, LISTPTR, SP-EDIT, SP-STATUS, SP-KILL and STARTSPOOLER work on UniVerse, UniData and QM like they do on legacy Pick databases.  Print jobs and printers can be assigned to appropriate queues to print selected print jobs on selected printers.  Print jobs can be redirected to other queues and printers can be reassigned to other queues to match print job requirements with available printers at any moment in time.  Multiple print jobs can be generated on separate queues to be printed on the same or different paper stock loaded on different printers to enable the printing of separate print jobs from the same program simultaneously.  Print jobs can be printed only, placed on hold only or printed and placed on hold at the same time for future review and/or reprinting.

The spooling program runs as a phantom and can be scheduled to rerun as often a desired – eg. every second, two seconds, three seconds, etc.

Special features added to SpoolerPlus that are not part of the legacy Pick print spooler include the ability to define the print characteristics of any queue and then reconfigure the printer being assigned to that queue automatically in accordance with those print characteristics.

In addition, users can scroll up, down and to any specified line number in the list of print jobs on hold rather than starting over from the top and viewing the list only once, sequentially, until reaching the bottom.

And, to meet the needs of those customers whose software was originally developed on the Reality database, the Reality syntax for commands like SP-ASSIGN, SP-EDIT and SP-KILL has been added to SpoolerPlus to make it more compatible with the Reality print spooler.

These additions are the "Plus" in SpoolerPlus.

SpoolerPlus runs on UniVerse, UniData and QM databases installed on Windows and *nix operating systems.  It supports from a few users to over 300 users, from a few printers to over 300 printers and from a few print jobs on hold to over 10,000 print jobs on hold.

SpoolerPlus has saved its customers thousands of dollars in software modifications and hundreds of man-hours in changing operating procedures and retraining personnel.

Ashwood Computer Company


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