Revelation Software announces release of OpenInsight Development Suite 9.1

Revelation Software announces the availability of the latest release of OpenInsight Development Suite (OI) 9.1. OI 9.1 provides many new features including: NetOI and RevDotNet. OpenInsight 9.1 has been extended to allow .NET integration using two different methodologies. Using the NetOI .NET assembly, developers can code entirely in Visual Studio and develop a Windows application that utilizes OpenInsight as its data source. RevDotNet is a set of API calls made from within OpenInsight to a .NET control.

Also new to OI 9.1 are the following features:

  • The ability to send a fax from OpenInsight using the standard Windows Fax Server (included in XP, Vista, Server 2003 and Server 2008).
  • The ability to insert graphics and textual separators within OpenInsight menus.
  • The ability to send an email using SSL.
  • The creation of a task scheduler that can be called as an API or as a GUI.
  • The ability to process system indexing utilizing the Engine Server.
  • The ability to create code templates in the System Editor++.

"This release was originally scheduled to only include bug fixes to OpenInsight 9.0.", said Robert Catalano, Director of Sales, Revelation Software . "As more and more new features were being introduced to the product we decided to make this a major release."

The OpenInsight Development Suite 9.1 will be offered in three versions; Desktop Edition, Server Edition and Enterprise Edition. Each Edition is targeted to meet the needs of specific market segments.

All Editions of OI 9.1 are "Network Ready" and include the Universal Driver 4.6 with the purchase of a new license.

"This release continues our commitment to extended OpenInsight by embracing new technologies. We have already begun development on OpenInsight 9.2 which will include a complete web-based front end to OpenInsight ." said Mike Ruane, President/CEO Revelation Software .

OpenInsight Development Suite 9.1 is available from Revelation Software , or through their network of resellers.

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