D3 Oracle Gateway Now Available for Linux

D3 Oracle Gateway version 2.1 now supports the Linux operating system. The D3 Oracle Gateway for Linux is compatible with the Oracle 11 client connecting to the Oracle 10 and 11 databases. D3 Oracle Gateway allows D3 to read, write and select Oracle databases as if they were part of the D3 file system.

The D3 Oracle Gateway uses the standard Oracle Data Access API called Oracle Connectivity Interface (OCI). For this reason, performance is optimal; there is no need for any extra communication layers such as ODBC. The D3 Oracle Gateway also supports row level locking. This allows Pick programmers to write BASIC code against any Oracle database as if it were D3 files. Oracle databases and tables are defined through super Q-Pointers. This allows the use of any D3 technologies to get to Oracle. Run Access Query Language (AQL) against Oracle tables instead of Standard Query Language (SQL) or Open, Read and Write Oracle tables and items from BASIC using standard Pick/BASIC instructions.

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