Purveyor Software, V2.0, looking for Beta Test

Racine Enterprises Inc. (REI) has released its Purveyor Software, V2.0, for Beta Test.  We are actively seeking companies in wholesale foods distribution (fresh, frozen, even catering), wholesale/retail hard goods (lumber, building supplies, rentals, furniture, clothing, electronics, electrical, plumbing, and/or HVAC) who are willing to test and use Purveyor in return for free software and services for the product. 

REI is a small software, IT services, and business consulting company located in Maryland.  Having over 20 years experience in software, we are ready to re-launch the Purveyor part of our business.  We have recently revamped it to be a full-GUI product, complete with GUI field editing, mouse control, MS Office integration, and GUI Rapid Application Development tools.  Purveyor is feature-rich, has a modern business model, and enjoyed earlier success but has not been saleable recently until this release due to its previous green-screen user interface.  It is now available as a web-enabled application service provider (ASP) REI-based service, a web-enabled customer-based version, or a customer-based client-server version.

Purveyor is general-purpose ERP/MRP software which was born in the wholesale foods distribution industry, where we also supported manufacturing and retail functions in the same businesses.  Foods is, in general, a more demanding industry than hard goods and our significant experience with hard goods wholesaling and retailing allowed us to extend Purveyor to fully support the needs of hard goods businesses.  In fact, some of the foods distribution features, such as lot/pedigree control, which industries such as lumber and building supplies need but conventional hard goods applications do not supply, Purveyor does.  Purveyor has complete Inventory, Warehousing, Manufacturing, Truck Routing, A/R, A/P, Sales, Purchasing, and G/L modules, as well as significant analytical capabilities.  It specializes in Just-In-Time (J-I-T) Inventory, Lot Controlled Inventory, Master A/R & A/P (Bill-to & Pay-to), and Activity-Based Cost (A-B-C) Accounting.  It supports case/box inventory and partial item billing/catch-weights in its inventory tracking.  It has a full-scale physical inventory system.  It supports bar-coding.  REI can provide RF-warehousing and distribution tracking as well.

Please see REI's website at http://www.racent.net for full, professional product documentation (both marketing- and user-oriented) about Purveyor Software, REI's Building Blocks 4th Generation Language and RAD Tools in which Purveyor is wrapped, and the REI organization. A Demo "Sandbox" system is open to the public at the REI website using the Main Office System Demo, Satellite Branch Demo, and the C:\REI components.  There, you may use Purveyor to try applications such as order entry, purchasing, and many others.

REI is involved in software, energy, and medical devices, as well as strategic planning, IT & business consulting, project management, and technical writing.  REI successfully markets the Hill-Climbing Wheel Chair.  REI is also the author of the "flagship" AP strategic plan for Pick Systems and the BP "beyond petroleum" strategic plan, and has had a pivotal positive developmental influence on MultiValue systems and AccuTerm.  REI owns one patent and has other inventions in various stages of development and marketing.

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